November 14, 2021


Firstly, yes swimming up and down a pool is boring, however that’s probably because you don’t have any focus, other than hoping to burn off some calories … if that’s the case then it’s important we find you some sort of focus ?

An excellent beginner 100m is around 2:00 minutes …. now how close are you to this ?

If you are a total beginner, you may be quite far off … that’s ok … it comes with training. Therefore, how do you improve this and get closer to that 2min goal👇

1) Get a swimming coach to start - a good one if you are in Zurich is he can help you in the pool to teach you how to swim properly and guide you from session

2) Swimming for distance isn’t really the idea to start … once you are at a certain level the distance comes… so to start work on RPE (rate of perceived exertion) … that means 75 % effort across 100m x 5-8 rounds with a 40s break is more than enough to start.

3) Integrate tips:

👉 Swim Tall - water is more dense than air so most important factor is slip your body through the smallest hole in the water

👉 Drop the Anchor  - You're not pushing your arm through the water as much as anchoring it and pulling your body over it

👉 Heavy Rotation: Throwing your high-side arm forward along the central axis into the leading position and rotating your hips and torso.

👉 Keep your Head Down - look down at bottom of pool just, tilt head to breathe, don’t bring head up out water

👉 Glide - In the pool, fewer strokes is better. Your goal should be a high distance per stroke

👉 Drag your Feet - The secret is turning your feet into fins. Here again, leverage rules: your legs should be taut, scissoring you through the water, while your feet remain flexible

👉 Don’t waste Breathe - Emphatically exhale the air from your lungs (all of it, not just 90 per cent) before taking a quick, full breath on the high side.





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