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Muhammad Ali had Drew Bundini Brown, Mike Tyson had Cus d’Amato, you have Bryan and Josué! Learn the basics of boxing while increasing your stamina, conditioning, and strength to relieve stress and get in shape physically and mentally. Or find holes in your game and plug them up before your next professional fight.

Train with someone who has actually been punched before.



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Physical exercise has been my companion from childhood. Back in the day, there weren't many other pastimes other than exercise and sports. Today I'm thankful I grew up that way. This foundation helped me getting into boxing, dancing & street-workout. I focus mostly on boxing, body weight & functional exercise as I believe that to be a great way to prepare for life.

"Una mentira en dos palabras "no puedo"!"



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With a master's degree in psychology and a background in Muay Thai fighting, Lea is a versatile and holistic coach. She has worked as a certified personal trainer and Thaiboxing coach for multiple years and is committed to helping you not only get fit, but also have fun in the process.

"it doesn’t get easier. You just get better".



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At the age of 17, I emigrated to Thailand to practice boxing and Muay Thai. From 2010–2018, I gained experience in the major stadiums Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, as well as the Kings & Queens Cup and other events nationwide. With over 60 fights, 49 of them in Thailand and other countries in Asia and training in several boxing & Muay Thai gyms, I have the knowledge and experience to develop you further, no matter your level.

“Everyone can grow in this beautiful art.“

Our Packages

All packages include:

Boxing skills assessment

Body composition analysis

Lifestyle analysis

Fitness analysis

Goal setting

Access to personal training

Technical training

Pad work and bag drills

Defensive drills

Nutrition guidance for boxing

Optional sparring

Studio amenities



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Can boxing be self-taught?

Teaching yourself boxing is impossible. Even with all the YouTube videos, you still need proper equipment and someone to correct your form. On your own, you'll, at best, become a terrible boxer and, at worst, badly injure yourself.

What does a boxing coach do?

A boxing coach works with you to improve your boxing skills, strength, agility, conditioning, and much more. They dedicate their time to you and your success with whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

Is boxing training worth it?

Boxing is much more than hitting each other in the face. It’s not called “the sweet science” for nothing. It’ll sharpen your instincts, boost your self-confidence, and get you in the best shape of your life. And if you want to become better at boxing, you need to go to training.

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